Project Description

Construction Services

The 4 Phases of construction is the foundation of our success

  • Review Preliminary Plans and Specifications as prepared by the architect and designer
  • Prepare a Cost Budget after collaborating with the client, architect and designer to recommend strategies consistent with design intent, sound construction practices, and project requirements
  • Strategize to reduce construction time by highlighting possible problem areas in the construction of the project early on to avoid costly delays and missed deadlines
  • Qualify Subcontractors and Vendors according to the proper project criteria, and the ability to deliver quality and excellent service
  • Prepare a detailed construction schedule to keep all team members well informed of construction activities
  • Conduct project meetings attended by the client, owner’s representative, architect, and designer
  • Supervise the subcontractors to ensure materials furnished and work performed is in accordance with the drawings, specifications, contract terms, and our own expectations
  • Supervise and coordinate all inspection and testing to ensure the project moves forward on schedule
  • Consult with architect and designer on changes in scope of work and evaluate project impact as it relates to time and cost, and make recommendations to the client.
  • Supervise and ensure completion of punchlist, prepared together with the client and architect, and follow through to ensure the punchlist items are completed
  • Maintain a complete record keeping system: daily logs, progress schedules, manpower breakdowns, project cost reports, material lists, and shop drawing logs. For LEED Projects, track each credit and provide detailed documentation manual to be used in the USGBC submittal process.
  • Prepare and control all subcontractor payment schedules. Provide detailed applications for payment and provide thorough documentation to keep our clients informed, but not overwhelmed.
  • Assemble and coordinate all project documents and records. Assemble guarantees, warranties, operating manuals, and drawings in an easy to reference binder for our clients.
  • Periodic checkups and maintenance visits long after the project is complete.
  • Address any electrical, mechanical, drywall, carpet, paint, and lighting issues that might arise.
  • Coordinate all warranty repairs.